Oregon State University Scholarships in USA for International Student Graduate

This is the Oregon State University Scholarships in USA guide. Our goal is to make sure you get a scholarship at the popular OSU, Corvallis. You will agree with me that getting a university degree is always beneficial in a person’s career. You tend to attain greater heights with an educational certification. But, getting these certificates from a university comes with a lot of financial expenditure.

Most people find it difficult to reach their academic peak due to some financial barriers. This is the reason why the State University of Oregon offers international student continuation scholarships. Its simply to cover study expenses. Therefore, this educational funding opportunity is available for some international students who wish to begin different program at Oregon State University.

According to a research done on Wikipedia, the University of the State of Oregon is a university based in Corvallis. Basically, they are so much interested in research. The university has two campuses, 11 schools together with 12 experimental stations/labs. OSU is a dynamic school that has a favourable culture of educating students. The founders began this school since 1868. According to wikipedia reports, it is the largest university in Oregon state and is known for its voluminous research activities.

Why study at OSU (Oregon State University) with Scholarship?

OSU has several hundreds of programs to choose from. As a students, can make a choice from more than 200 undergraduate programs. For those interested in postgraduate studies, you have access to 100 master’s degrees programs at the Oregon State University, Corvallis. Basically, these courses in different departments are structured to help students grow their talents & reach their goal.

Why Choose Oregon University (OSU) for Scholarship?

Location of an institution is a majot criteria when choosing a university to study. With that in mind, OSUniversity campus is sited in the heart of Corvallis. The area is characterized by its red brick buildings, growing trees, as well as lush greenery. Taking a look at the commemorative union, where students gather to study and socialize/meet friends, is the centrepiece of the campus community. The area where many Oregon State Univerity student clubs are located is very conducive for everyone. The animated OSU campus is very stimulating. It is also diversified with different activities. Lastly, the Corvallis community is welcoming.

School direction: CORVALLIS city center is just about 15-minute walk time from the campus. There is a wide range of local prosperous restaurants for students to sit out. For the love of international students, there’s fresh seafood with pan-Asian plus Latin fusion. To be sincere, Corvallis is a real destination of great foods. There are also local breweries production around the area. Furthermore, there’s the farmer’s market, which is usually open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In the market, you can get Willamette valley bonus since this is a place where fresh products, meat, cheese, bread, and others are available. Coincidentally, it is a quiet community ideal to study. However, there is always something to do to keep you going. you have access to a huge domestic football center with hiking, rafting, camping, and skiing.

International Student Continuation Scholarships in USA

PROGRAM: Undergraduate

AWARD: Partially funded, $ 2,500

OFFERING TO: All nations

UNIVERSITY / ORGANIZATION: Oregon State University (OSU)

DEADLINE: August 25, 2021

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What are the Benefits

More importantly, eligible students who meet all admission requirements of the scholarship funding, will get $2,500. This is help you to continue your undergraduate/master’s degree course at the Oregon State University.

Eligibility – Who can get this scholarship?

  • This scholarship applications is accepted from all countries on the planet
  • Intending candidates must choose ONLY an undergraduate degree program available in the school
  • Applying candidates must be foreign students other than USA
  • Aspirants is to register for an undergraduate program at the Oregon State University website
  • All Candidates must be 1st-year students with international direct services with a GPA of 3.75 and above.

How to Apply for Oregon State University Scholarship

  • First, OSU scholarship applicants must submit the following documents: certificates of competence in English, a declaration, a copy of the passport, a pre-qualification test diploma and copies of academic transcriptions.
  • Secondly, the minimum requirements for year 1 program at the Oregon State University is a high school diploma.
  • Thirdly, after you have been chosen to study an undergraduate course at the Oregon State University, you are to fulfil the general application & international application to Scholardollars.
  • Finally, please note that language requirements vary from one class to another.

Deadline for Application

The Oregon State University Continuation Scholarships in the USA closes by August of each year. The previous deadline is August 25, 2021. Lastly, for the year 2022, the deadline is yet to be released.