Carnegie Dartlet and College Express $10,000 Scholarship, No Essay Application

This is the Carnegie Dartlet and College Express $10,000 Scholarship which people usually apply for every year. It is available to everyone who qualifies for the scholarship. However, all intending applicants is expected to register at the Collegexpress website. You can also request for the university information from one their magazines.

Bear in mind that, for you to be eligible, you must have attended one of their member colleges as a Bachelor degree holder. But you can get in as a transfer student, or a postgraduate student in the first semester of the year. Note that a comprehensive/full list of colleges/universities that meet the requirements are available at Furthermore, you will have to apply online & complete the application forms before you can win this scholarship.

Why Dartlet Scholarship?

This Dartlet scholarship began in 1995. For over 26 years, the goal of this portal is to assist students to connect with different schools that is right for them. The Carnegie Dartlet is an organization that launched CollegeXpress website. They are educational publishers as well as higher education marketing institution. Each year that passes, over 10,000 students throughout the United States of America & the world at large get admission into universities using Dartlet websites, magazines, and services.

According to Dartlet, they are always happy when they see students find school scholarship to value in what we do! If you visit their website, you will discover that their admission search tools together with scholarships are easy to use. They provide college profiles, plus admission lists to help students to find perfect schools for their career. Additionally, they provide guidelines and helpful ways to pay for their education through scholarship. Just like this site;, they write blog articles, plus various educational resources to help students, parents/guardians to navigate the process of searching for a college, scholarship, and so on.

You will all agree that we know what college is all about. Its about academics, personal growth, professional opportunities, as well as fun part of life. Why say this? Its simply because we’ve been there too. Therefore, we know that Dartlet and collegexpress has a site that will also guoide you when searching for a school. More importantly, one of the best features of the site is; it’s completely free to use by all.

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Carnegie Dartlet and College Express $10,000 Scholarship Guide

  • PROGRAM: Undergraduate and Postdoctoral
  • AWARD: Partially funded $10,000
  • DEADLINE: May 1, 2022

Benefits of Carnegie Dartlet Scholarship

As a beneficiary of the Carnegie Dartlet scholarship, you will get a free fund/grant of $10,000. Note that this is currently for US residents ONLY.

Eligibility to get Carnegie Dartlet Scholarship

  • First of all, for you to be eligible, you must currently be a student or have already graduated from a course. This is to help support the feasibility of your current application
  • Secondly, the Bachelor’s degree you have chosen must be related to the academic field of doctoral research that you propose
  • Thirdly, you must have been accepted on the doctoral program in one of the schools that qualifies
  • Lastly, all aspirants in faculties that do not have the same background, for example. Medicine, are expected to have reached a specific standard equal to what they are applying for.

How to Apply for Carnegie Dartlet Scholarship

Applying for this scholarship is simple. however, for you to apply for this scholarship, you must have been picked & approved by one of the eligible host organizations. Do not forget that each of the institutions has a limited quota of nominations that it is authorized to submit for approval.

  • First & foremost, please contact the institutions where you wish to pursue studies.
  • Secondly, find out about the selection process. You can however find the details of each eligible institution on the applicable website.
  • Finally, note that you can only be chosen by a single university for this $10k grant.

Deadline of Carnegie Dartlet scholarship

Hurry now and apply for Dartlet Scholarship, so that you can gain educational benefits in the United States before its deadline May 1 of every year.