National Geographic Internships Career Jobs 2022 – Apply Now

Over the years, the national geographic internships has been providing wonderful opportunities for different undergraduates in the US. They help residents to have a hands-on experience at the national geographic headquarters located at Washington DC, United States of America.

The popular National geographic society, is the only sponsors of the national geographic internships. They are the world’s premium non-profit scientific as well as educational organisation that has been in existence for decades now. They have been doing this for more than a hundred years.

You will agree that there is barely any other NGO in the area of wildlife conservation plus earth photography as well as documentaries that’s is as well known as the national geographic society. True or false?

People usually often call them the National Geographic for short. They always reach millions of people through various channels which include the following:

  1. National Geographic Channel
  2. National Geographic Magazine
  3. NAT GEO Wild


As of now, the NAT GEO magazine is one of the most recognisable offline publications on earth. The records of years 2016 shows that they have about 6.1 minion subscribers. It is also called NAT GEO MAG for short. Their first publication was launched in 1888. This is just few months after the National Geographic Society was formed. After then, they have a monthly publication in more than 40 different languages .


This is a powerful TV channel. It is veritable tool in which the NAT GEO society broadcasts it programs to the world. Currently, the National Geographic Channel has about 5 million subscribers globally.

Furthermore, NAT GEO aims to explore the planet. They include our changing earth. Also they inspire humans to perfectly understand & protect the earth’s natural resources. This achievement is done using the powerful tools of science as well as storytelling.

To achieve this, the national geographic needs manpower like, staffs & interns:

  1. Explorers
  2. Photographers
  3. Anthropologists

Everyone nows that different manpower is a requirement in virtually every other area.

Due to the need for manpower, it hopes to raise such a diverse and smart group of individuals by giving exploration grants together with internship opportunities. Favourably, the national geographic internships are part of a wide attempt to develop new skills. It is also has the purpose of transfering knowledge to the younger generations.


Currently, there are several open opportunities for people. Why? its simply to advance your career at national geographic. This is done through two basic pathways.

  1. National Geographic grants to fund as well as execute new researches.
  2. National Geographic Internships helps to grow new careers to professionals level. Therefore, they work on Special projects globally.

As a matter of fact, these are long term funding for eligible interns. These funds are made available to early career professionals to work on different specific projects.


On a yearly basis, a lot of students are given the privilege to have an internship opportunity at the national geographic society. To be sincere, the program is specially designed to be of maximum impact together with skill transfer.


National Geographic provides educational as well as work related experience

The best part, is that, it is a paid internship

  • Provide Support from staff at national geographic
  • Make provision for Free food
  • Free accommodation when necessary


This is for US residents ONLY. Therefore, any student enrolled into an accredited American University eligible to apply. International students must have a working permit. See How to Get USA Work Visa Here.

Secondly, you must have permission to live and work in the following states of America:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia 


According to the official National Geographic Society’s website, the program is for the summer and lasts for 10 weeks. June to August of every year. Acceptance starts from mid January. Furthermore, only accepted interns will be contacted.

Generally, during your time as an intern, you will be exposed to a wide variety of training. This only happens if you get accepted after your application. The internship program holds at the headquarters of the national geographic society at Washington DC. Considerably, the ranges of experiences to gain is both in the headquarters and around DC. You will have access to breakfast as well as lunch. All these are provided along with tons of other goodies.

The hotel accommodation is very comfortable. Also, the staff are usually friendly. Believe it when we tell you that it is both a great learning opportunity and an experience. You will get hands on training on what is it that national geographic does. They also teach you how to do it with them.

As an intern, you will get great step forward in getting a job in the future either at national geographic or other research institutions.


National geographic Society is always looking for smart/intelligent individuals who share their passion. You must have love for exploration, storytelling, science, plus education. Additionally, you must have the zeal to help spread the society’s mission. Now, if you fall into this category, we encourage you to explore NAT GEO interns open positions.

NOTE THIS: When completing the online application, please submit a resume and cover letter, uploaded as a single document file. (Please review the FAQs, below, prior to submitting your application.)

Bear in mind that the National Geographic is an equal opportunity employer of labour. All interns or staff employment-related decisions are made without regard to race, colour, religion. They do not select based on, gender (including pregnancy), national origin, age, disability. Also, they don’t care about your veteran status, citizenship, marital status, or any other legally protected category.

However, if you have any other questions about the application process, please contact


So, with all these requirements seen above to become national geographic intern, how do you get in and what can make it easy?

The answer is simple. If you go through the website, work & focal areas of national geographic, one major thing that will keep reoccurring to you is the word – bold/zeal. Oh yes! That’s a basic trait that is important to the national geographic society. Therefore, the attributes that are desired in a would-be intern are:

  • -passion for exploration
  • -storytelling
  • -passion for science & technology

Its that simple. So, if you share the above passions seen above, then you are the right candidate for national geographic internships. The very next step is to Apply Online. If you’ve been reading this article carefully, you will see that the basic things to put together before applying include a resume as well as a cover letter. Don’t be scared. Just have the assurance that national geographic society does not discriminate against where you are from. Your age, race, gender etc does not matter.


Each year, the National Geographic Society provides a number of students with a paid opportunity to spend the summer exploring and learning with them. They usually offer a diverse range of dynamic internships that are designed to offer a well-rounded experience. NAT GEO’s main goal is to provide engaging, educational, as well as work-related opportunities. This is for both undergraduate together with other graduate students.   


Additionally, to gaining extensive professional experience, National Geographic internship program seeks to inspire, educate & build lasting connections. This is done through regular events with some of the National Geographic Society’s staff, explorers, educators as well as storytellers. Throughout the program, you will receive support and guidance from a wide array of National Geographic staff as you explore what it is like to help NAT GEO achieve their mission. You can assist to illuminating & protecting the wonder of this planet.


In summary, the national geographic internships are great opportunities to get a rich training in one of the most exciting organizations in the world .