Best Bonafide Certificate For Scholarship Application Letter to Study Abroad

Here is a sample of Best Bonafide Certificate For Scholarship Application Letter to Study Abroad. But first, what is a bonafide certificate in a scholarship application process? This is the question every aspiring student ask online when they make up their minds to study abroad. Therefore, we will use this article to provide you with an overall information about a bonafide certificate. Additionally, we will teach you how to write a perfect bonafide certificate for scholarship in any country. We have new updates for this year.

What is a Bonafide Certificate

According to Wikipedia, a Bonafide Certificate is a document issued as proof that you belong to a particular educational institute or an organisation in a country. But for a student, Bonafide Certificate is a documntation of evidence showcasing that an individual belongs to a particular class and course. This can be in an institution attendance over a specific period of time.

Why is Bonafide Certificate Necessary?

It is important to note that a Bonafide Certificate is essential in aspect of life. This is not only for students/applicants who want to apply for scholarships abroad. It is also necessary for staffs in a company. How is this possible? An employer in a company can specifically issues his/her employee a Bonafide certificate. Why? It is a proof or documented evidence that the concerned employee is working in that company. Here, its serves as proof of years of experience when applying for a new job in another organisation..

What is Bonafide Certificate Used for?

A bonafide cert is used for several purposes. It can be used when accepting a scholarship as well as applying for a visa. You will require it when getting an educational student loan, employment into an organisation, or any other opportunities. You see, a bonafide certificate is really imperative. Take a look at Boarding High Schools In Georgia USA for Boys & Girls.

Purpose of A Bonafide Certificate

As can be seen above, a bonafide certificate is usually very important when applying for an external scholarship. Apart from that, it is quite useful in other areas of life. lets look at some other areas where its important:

Some public transport agencies such as city buses terminals, local trains stations as well as metros usually give student transportation discounts. For this to work, the students may be required to produce this certificate to enjoy such discounts.

Almost all student visa applications to any country require this certificate. Especially for students who are studying abroad.

Most commercial banks and money lenders usually offer student loans at a low-interest rate. However, for you to apply for this type of loan, you might be required to produce a bonafide student certificate/proof.

In some counties, there are certain conferences, seminars, or other such events that are conducted exclusively for students/employees. But the entry to such events may be granted on the production of this certificate.

In some professional projects, an employees may prove their eligibility with the help of this certificate.

How to Apply for Bonafide Certificate – Application Process

Please note that it is important that you know how to apply for a bonafide certificate appropriately. Therefore, for you to get a Bonafide Certificate, you have to apply through the right channel. Interested persons will have to to apply with the concerned institution or establishment. An Application of a Bonafide Certificate is done in simple writing. Generally, it is usually an applications letter requesting for a Bonafide certificate. For most educational institutions, there are prescribed formats for application. Scroll down to see the sample format for requesting a Bonafide Certificate physically.

Application for Bonafide Certificate from College for Scholarship

Bear in mind that a Bonafide Certificate is quite essential for all college students in South and North America. Basically, it is not only required when you want to apply for a scholarship online. Therefore, it is very important for college students interested in getting a student visa, loans/grants to finance their schooling. There are several other benefits for college students. All college students can use the tips below in this article to request a Bonafide certificate from their school.

Bonafide Certificate for Passport

Students who stay away from their homes and want to apply for the passport require a bonafide certificate. The passport agency then requires the bonafide certificate as the proof of currently pursuing education and other verification purposes.

When requesting a Bonafide certificate for passport purposes, the letter must be drafted clearly and include all necessary information and proofs like student ID card, mark sheets, certificates of achievements, etc. the letter should be addressed to the vice-chancellor or the head of the department.

Bonafide Student Certificate

A Bonafide Student certificate shows that a student is a bonafide student of that school. The bonafide certificate issued to a student shall be only in the school’s letterhead and should be duly signed and sealed. This certificate issued is valid only for three months. It contains vital information like:

  • The student’s full name
  • The student’s school or college name.
  • The current class of the student.

How to Write Application for Bonafide Certificate from School

When applying to get a bonafide certificate for a scholarship, keep in mind that it is a formal letter and should follow some of the rules of a formal letter of request.  This article will provide you with productive tips to use when applying for a bonafide certificate for scholarship.

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Tips for Applying for A Bonafide Certificate

Firstly, your letter of request should focus on the recipient. In this case, the recipient of your letter might be the head/principal of the school. Your request letter should not center entirely on you.

It is quite possible that the head of your school might not know you personally. You must introduce yourself. In introducing yourself, state your name, your current level, and so on.

Your letter should be quite formal and straightforward. After introducing yourself, state the purpose of your letter. Be straightforward, and avoid irrelevant details. Let your reader know exactly what it is that you are requesting.

Being courteous permeates every aspect of our lives. When applying for a bonafide certificate for scholarship, you have to be courteous and respectful. It will do you a great disservice if the tone of your letter is rude and disrespectful.

And most importantly, don’t forget to include your contact information in the letter.

Before closing the letter, thank the person for considering your request.

Best Sample of Bonafide Certificate Letter for Scholarships

This article has provided you with the necessary tips to use when writing a letter. This is specially for a bonafide certificate for scholarship. Please Note, while every college may have its format for the certificate. However, it will contain particulars such as the college name printed on the letterhead as well as date of issuing. Secondly, it will contain details of the student to whom it is issued, plus signature by the head of the institution. We will still provide you with a sample to use when applying for a bonafide certificate. Furthermore, you can edit this letter to suit your purpose.


The Vice Chancellor

University of New Boston


Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m a student of 11th Grade in this University having registration number 6756. I wish to apply for the Canada/UK Scholarship Program. A Bonafide Certificate is useful for the application process. I kindly request you to issue a Bonafide certificate to this regards.

I hope my request shall be received favorably.

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully

Frank Heyman.

What does Bonafide Certificate Sample Look like?

Most Bonafide Certificate For Scholarship usually takes a uniform format like this:

We certify that Mr. Darlingtina Amanda Broadstroke, the daughter Mr.Broadstroke, is a bonafide student of the University of Denver with the registration number 5487. She is studying Botany/Microbiology in the Department of Biology and currently in her second-semester grade 12. She joined this college in the Academic Year 2022.

It is also certified that the University of Denver is an accredited institution in United States.

There’s no other proof that this student is not getting another assistance in the form of scholarship or sponsorship from any local council of USA or any other Organization.

Herein is our College Seal & Signature of Principal / Dean (Rubber Stamp of signing authority will be affixed)

Date ______________ Place ______________

Bonafide Certificate Application Form

Nowadays, most institutes/companies have their own application forms/formats. These forms are to be filled and submitted in the institutes. This is to enable the institute can issue a bonafide certificate. What the applicant is to do is to simply fill out the form with their bio data & other details. Below is a top example of a Bonafide Certificate Form:

Application for Getting Bonafide Certificate

To the Principal/Chancellor

Personal Details

  • Student’s Name in full:
  • Applicant’s Class:
  • Last Exam of Year:
  • Main Reason for Requirement of Certificate:
  • Staying in Hostel: YES/NO
  • Roll Call No:
  • Exam Result:

Please issue me a Bonafide Certificate For Scholarship

Thank You

Signature: _______________________ Date: ______________________

Bonafide Certificate PDF Download

In summary, there are some schools that might provide links on their website. This is where students can easily download a Bonafide certificate form from. After downloading the form, you are to fill the form with accurate details. Then submit to the appropriate authorities. Lastly, if the form or no prescribed format is present, students or employees can write a letter stating their need and information needed on the certificate. See Best paying certifications in USA & Canada. There you have it.