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US Travel and Tourism Information: The United States has opened the Diversity Visa Lottery. The immigration program welcomes thousands of immigrants from all over the world to the United States. The Diversity Visa focuses on immigrants that could not access other immigration programs, and it is intended for countries that don’t send a large number of immigrants to the United States.

If you are looking for ways to accomplish the American dream, then the Diversity Visa is the answer. Although the Diversity Visa is a paper visa, the first steps require an online application. Travelers must complete an electronic form with personal details and take two photos with specific requirements. iVisa.com can help you with those steps and provide a preparation guide for the following stages of the Diversity Visa process, such as the interview at the United States embassy.

The immigration process could change your life plans forever, and we know it may be overwhelming. For this reason, iVisa.com takes away that burden by simplifying the Diversity Visa process. The green card can be yours with iVisa.com. The United States is not only an incredible country to live in, but it offers a variety of tourism attractions in all 50 states.

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Start your journey in New York, the ultimate cosmopolitan city in the world. The Big Apple has everything any traveler would like. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and enjoy one of the most impressive collections in the world, or head to Broadway to see a performance in the theatre. From New York, you can visit the Statue of Liberty, one of the most famous landmarks in the United States. Head to the west coast and visit San Francisco in California.

Countless social and immigration movements have influenced San Francisco society that you can see through the famous neighborhoods. Go to the Mission or Castro neighborhoods and enjoy Mexican, Italian, and even Chinese cuisine all within a few blocks of one another. Don’t miss the Golden Gate Bridge that frames the whole city, and if you have an extra day, book a tour to Alcatraz, a famous prison located on an island about a mile offshore from San Francisco.

Another site that is worth the visit is New Orleans, Louisiana, where you can see the Caribbean and European influences of this southern state. It’s the perfect place to enjoy all types of music, from jazz to rock ‘n’ roll, and indulge in delicious cuisine like gumbos. Visit Bourbon Street and experience the unique nightlife in New Orleans. Although the United States is known for incredible cities, you can also visit amazing natural sites.

Begin the journey with the Grand Canyon National Park, where you can do some rafting in the Colorado River. Also, prepare your hiking boots for the fantastic viewpoints of Bright Angel and North Kaibab. The rock formations in the Grand Canyon will show you how beautiful nature is. Continue with Yosemite National Park in California, where the marvelous waterfalls and trails will convince you to stay longer. Visit the Half Dome, Glacier Point, Mist Trail, and Cathedral Lakes.

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Travellers can spend the night camping under the stars or decide on nearby accommodations in Sacramento or Lake Tahoe. Yellowstone has to be on your itinerary. Don’t miss the geysers and hot springs here for a relaxing and awe-inspiring journey. Drive through the Hayden and Lamar valleys, where you can spot the famous grizzly bears, bison, and wolves.

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Glacier National Park is another popular spot. The 700 lakes, mountains, and multiple waterfalls of this park will make the journey unforgettable. Enjoy family activities like fishing or canoeing during the summer or visit during winter, when you can do some skiing. Entertainment is another great pleasure of traveling, and the United States has the right sites for that.

Visit Las Vegas and try your luck in the casinos, where the slot machines could give you a big prize. Head to the Strip, where the shows don’t disappoint. Singers like Cher or Sting have concerts there every week. Las Vegas also offers high-quality services in terms of restaurants, spas, nightlife, and accommodation. Only a weekend in Sin City could change your life. If you are traveling with children, then the perfect place is Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The famous theme parks have everything a child or adult would want, from rollercoasters to comedy shows. All your favorite Disney characters are waiting for you in this magical place. Disney World receives thousands of visitors every day, and it’s considered the happiest place on earth. Mickey Mouse will welcome you to this fantastic experience, and we are sure you will feel like a prince or a princess. Florida also offers other parks like Adventure Island from Universal Studios and Busch Gardens based in Tampa. The United States has incredible beaches on different islands all over the world.

Go to Honolulu in Hawaii, where the sun shines all year round. Head to Waikiki Beach and enjoy the turquoise waters or visit Lanikai Beach, where peacefulness is out of this world. Don’t leave without visiting the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and pay your respects to the Americans who lost their lives during this battle. Maui is another island that is part of US territory.

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Enjoy the Waianapanapa State Park, where the black sands amaze all visitors. Relax while you cruise along the Road to Hana and taste some of the delicious seafood, such as haupia, a delicacy made out of coconut custard. The opportunity to start a new life in the United States is priceless.

The Diversity Visa Lottery offers you permanent residency or a green card. In other words, if you are a recipient of the Diversity Visa, you can move to the United States and start a new life there. Begin the process with an online application that is offered by iVisa.com. Although the electronic form is simple, the requirements are strict. Follow expert guidance at iVisa.com so you don’t lose the opportunity to immigrate to the United States. After you have completed the Diversity Visa application, iVisa.com will send you a preparation guide.

The guide will have everything you need to know about the following steps, like the interview at the US embassy. Remember that the Diversity Visa will give you a green card that allows the freedom to work and live in the United States. There is a limited time to apply for the Diversity Visa, as it is a competitive immigration program. At the moment, the deadline is 9th November 2021. Hurry and start the Diversity Visa process!