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Top Travel Abroad Scholarships & Funding guide: This is one of the best free scholarship to study abroad articles for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The write up has 7 Travel Abroad Scholarships because you like Free Money & Adventures. Its up to you. Now, let’s go.

My friend, if you’re going to follow your dreams to study abroad, then you’re going to require plenty money to pay bills. However, there are several methods to make traveling more easier & affordable. The strict budgets, cooking meals at home or the hostel, books etc., you will agree that: traveling costs lots of money.

Looking at the bright side, there are a lots of scholarship options for international students and travellers looking to have a sweet and meaningful experience abroad. You can achieve this without robbing the bank! To help you achieve your goal, I with my team have put together seven travel abroad scholarships that can keep your savings right where it should be (in the bank!): “winks”.

Best Travel Abroad Scholarships to Fund Your Next Adventure

1. The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

Believe me when I tell you that one of the most competitive travel abroad scholarships out there is the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. Generally, it was created with the goal to diversify the types of students that were studying abroad. This is to say that, the Gilman Scholarship Program is open to U.S. students and residents only. The prospective applicant must not already be receiving any of the the Federal Pell Grant. It is solely to support underrepresented students that might not otherwise study abroad. Basically, students of diverse ethnic groups or backgrounds, with significant financial aid needs, with disabilities, or students studying subjects not usually pursued abroad (a.k.a. STEM subjects) all qualify to apply for awards of up to $5,000! more.

2. Fulbright Foreign Student Program

As a school teacher, have you always wanted to teach English in Peru educational system? For those who wants to study the effects of climate change in Iceland, this one is for you. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program enables graduate students, young professionals and artists from abroad to study and conduct research in the United States. The Fulbright Program includes a number of different grants and funding opportunities, but they all have one thing in common: creating a bridge of cultural exchange. It also helps to improve intercultural relations as well as cultural diplomacy.

Therefore, you can apply for an English Teaching Assistantship. From there, you can teach English Language to children or adult-learners in local schools abroad. You can also use it for a Study/Research grant, as you can pursue the study of a specific subject relevant to the country or culture you are living in. Secondly, there are also a number of Fulbright Programs that exchange U.S.A students with students of another country, with each doing research in the other’s country. Thats very beneficial for culture diversification.

Bear in mind that the Fulbright Foreign Student Program Application deadlines, admission requirements, and fundings vary. In order words, be sure to do your research carefully. On the other hand, note that participating in a Fulbright Program is far more than just free money. It goes a long way as a prestigious program that will stand out on your resume (CV) for future education or employment! more.

3. International Volunteer HQ Scholarships

For those looking to give back during their time abroad, money can be an issue. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to have to worry about how they’ll afford to volunteer in another country! Good news— organizations such as International Volunteer HQ, one of the largest volunteer organizations in the world, offers a number of scholarships for first-time volunteers (and teachers!) to ease the costs of volunteering abroad. This scholarship includes the cost of the entire volunteer program, a TEFL course, a $1,000 flight voucher, and travel insurance. HQ scholars.

4. Boren Awards Scholarship

Are you Interested in issues of U.S. national security? If yes, then the Boren Awards Scholarship is for you. Why so? Its simply because it provides funding for students to travel or volunteer abroad if they are studying differenrt languages and STEM subjects relevant to U.S. national interests. To be more specifically clear, the subjects includes critical languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, and Swahili. In addition, you can choose the study of cultures and governments in critical regions, such as the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia. Ideally, the Boren awards are extremely competitive among people. Therefore, make sure you do your comprehensive research as well as bringing your A-game to the scholarship application! Awards are usually from $8,000. Huge money right? 

5. American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) Abroad Scholarships and Grants

Records has it that every year, AIFS Study Abroad provides a record number of $800,000 in travel abroad scholarships. They also give out grants to students that participate in AIFS programs. This comes along with an incredible summer or semester experience abroad. Additionally, you can apply for diversity scholarships, financial need-based scholarships, plus a series of grants. The AIFS is one of the largest study abroad program providers globally. In order words, AIFS is an incredible resource for students looking to study abroad anywhere in the world, and without going into indebtedness!

According to Wikipedia, the American Institute for Foreign Study, is an American travel and insurance company. They manage a number of educational and travel programs centered on cultural exchange founded or acquired by British businessman and politician Sir Cyril Julian Hebden Taylor. It began in 1964.

6. Golden Key Honour Society Scholarships and Grants

Looking at the about us page of the Golden Key International Honour Society, I saw that they are among world’s largest collegiate honor society for graduate and undergraduate students. They currently have strong relationships with over 400 universities around the world. According to their website, Golden Key is built on the pillars of academics, leadership, and service. They say that their chapters are committed to implementing service projects and leadership development for all students on their campus. Members qualify when they are at the top 15% of their class, and are given access to a wide range of rewards, scholarships, travel and study abroad opportunities, and more. 

Therefore, just like many honor societies, the Golden Key Honour Society offers a number of scholarships and grants to its members. The Golden Key is especially impressive, as each year, they provide $1,000,000 in scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students, including those looking to study abroad!

Additionally, these travel abroad scholarships are specifically for students who have shown a lot of initiative in their academics and on-campus leadership roles. Lastly, as with many honor societies, you must be a member to apply, and application deadlines vary depending on the scholarship.

7. Fund for Education Abroad

First of all, the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) is renowned for providing assistance to study abroad students who identify as traditionally underrepresented. In order words, minority students, first-gen students, as well as community college students all receive preference over other applicants for awards. This happens in an effort to make study abroad experiences more accessible to all. Meanwhile, note that Awards are limited to college undergraduates only. The FEA grant amounts ranges from $1,250 – $10,000. The deadline for Fall 2022 is TBA. Fund for education abroad rainbow scholarship. use this site to find recommendation latter to win a grant.

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Take Advantage of Travel Abroad Scholarships

In summary, there are literally thousands upon thousands of study abroad scholarships out there, just waiting for you to apply for them. The next step: filling out those applications! Finally, start preparing that your personal essay writeup, get your transcripts printed, and contact your references. I bet that you’ll have a scholarship for your travel abroad experience in no time! See more scholarship from the new posts below.

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