United States DV Visa Lottery Entry Form Online Download – What you Need to Know!

If you want to get the United States DV Visa Lottery Entry Form Online Download, these are What you Need to Know. It is for your own good that you know the dos and don’ts so that you don’t get denied. We have provided a list of travel questions as well as answers that will put you on track. Please note that there is a limited period of time during which you can register for the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program during each fiscal year. All DV-2022 diversity visa program applicants must be found eligible for, and obtain, their visa or adjust status by the end of fiscal year 2022 (September 30th) for the awards are given in 2023.

Do Travellers need a COVID-19 vaccine or vaccination certificate to enter the United States?

Yes you require a vaccination certificate before you can travel to the U.S. Basically, the United States has been taking steps to restore travel within its borders. Therefore, all non-citizen air travellers who are between the ages of 18 and above needs to be vaccinated. Every travellers flying to the United States need to show their COVID vaccination certificate at the airport before boarding any flight.

As at this time, the list of accepted vaccines are the Moderna, Johnson and Johnson. Also inclusive are the Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca/Covishield, Sinopharm, as well as the Sinovac vaccine.

Bear in mind that the last dose/shot must have been received at least 14 days before traveling date.

Do You need a negative coronavirus test to get the US DV Lottery Entry Form?

  • COVID test is done prior to arrival: PCR should be done within 24 hours of departure to the United States, regardless of vaccination status or nationality.
  • COVID 19 test exemptions: All little children under the ages of 2 and travellers with proof of recovery from COVID-19 within 90 days are exempt.

Will You & your family have to quarantine upon arrival in the US?

  • Quarantine requirements: As of now, there are no mandatory quarantine requirements in the U.S. However, there’s a high recommendation of 7-10 day self-isolation for your own good.
  • Check individual states for local quarantine requirements: For more info and updates, contact your local government area or district.

What is the Meaning of Diversity Visa Lottery Program?

Diversity Visa (E-DV) Lottery or Green Card Lottery is a program created by the Department of State as a way to enlarge the diversity of the immigrants coming to live in United States of America. Additionally, a permanent residence card, also known as a green card, is issued to a select number of participants who enter the lottery.

Generally, you can apply if you are from the list of eligible countries seen in the next heading below, then you can apply for the Lottery for this year. Meanwhile, you can fill out the entry form from the link below;


How many people does the E-DV (Diversity Visa Lottery Program) allow into the United States of America?

Every 12 months in a year, the Diversity Visa Lottery Program authorizes permanent residency or a green card up to 50,000 people. But these are randomly chosen people from countries that don’t send many immigrants to the United States.

What should you do to enter the Diversity Visa Lottery Program (E-DV)?

The procedures are usually simply. But you will have to provide all relevant information. Entering the Green Card Lottery involves completing this easy-to-fill application form using this link below.


However, you can only enter the Diversity Visa Lottery Program from early October to early November each year. That is usually the U.S.A Diversity Visa Lottery Program (E-DV) application deadline.

How are the winners of the Diversity Visa Lottery Program selected?

Just as stated above, the 50,000 winners are randomly chosen by a computer once applicants submit their completed application online. On the long run, if your entry is selected, you will need to follow further instructions given by US high commission in order to be closer to get permanent residency.

What countries and nationalities are able to participate in the Diversity Visa Lottery Program?

We know that you are eager to know the dv lottery 2022/2023 eligible countries. Although there is some variation in the countries that are eligible to apply each year. Therefore, you can’t apply if your country of birth is China, Canada, Colombia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, South Korea, India, Mexico, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland).

Don’t feel bad that your country was on the list above. All hope is not lost. There’s still some good news for you. There are still two reasons you can qualify to apply. In order words, if you are from one of the above countries, you’re still able to apply if:

  • First, your spouse (husband/wife) is from an eligible nationality. You may apply with your spouse and select his or her birth country on your entry form.
  • Secondly, you were born in a country in which neither of your parents was a legal resident at the time of your birth. In this case, you can choose your father or mother’s birth country.

To continue your application, fill out the entry form from the link given above.

Are there any other requirements to apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery?

Yes of course, education is a major requirement for application. The US will not bring in dumb people who has nothing to offer. Therefore, you must have at least a high-school diploma. Secondly, you must also have at least 2 years of work experience in the last 5 years. The job you have done previously must require a minimum of 2-years of training. This is solely determined by the U.S. Department of Labor. No favorism.

More importantly, please note that you and your spouse ought to meet the same requirements as any other U.S. green card applicants.

As part of your DV lottery application, you must have the proper ID photos. Get more info online.

If everything is in place, then you can Apply for the DV Lottery Program as can be seen above.

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What other conditions would prevent you from applying to the Diversity Visa Lottery Program?

Keep a clean record and do not indulge in crime. Why? its simply because certain types of criminal records could make you ineligible to apply for the DV Lottery Program. On the other hand, nature can play a vital role in your eligibility. Yes, there are some medical conditions that could make it difficult or impossible to obtain a green card as well. You can research more from google.com for more information.

How would you know if you were selected for the Diversity Visa Lottery?

Even though dates tend to vary in different years, applicants of the Diversity Visa Lottery may check the status of their application in early May next year. Keep all your application details intact in a safe place. Altogether, you must save the confirmation number after application. Why so? Because if you don’t, you won’t be able to know if you were selected or not.

Be aware that the entry form and selection process are only the first two steps in the process. Secondly, if your application is accepted there are additional steps you will need to complete. You can find more information in the preparation guide given to you when you fill out the entry form. Don’t waste this opportunity to win this United States DV Visa Lottery.

Should you apply to the Diversity Visa Lottery Program outside or inside the United States?

Over time, majority of people who are chosen for the Diversity Visa (DV) do not live in the United States. You will have to apply for a green card through the U.S. consulate in their home country. However, if you’re in the United States with temporary immigration status (Tourism Visa), you’re also able to apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program.

What happens after you submit your United States DV Visa LotteryDiversity Visa Lottery Application?

Once the process your application begins, they usually send the confirmation number to your email along with a preparation guide with all the steps you need to follow. In May next year, you’ll have to check if your application was selected, and if so, you’ll be able to schedule a visa interview. If you meet all the requirements, your immigrant visa will be approved at the interview.

When Is The Next US Diversity Green Card Lottery? It started since September last year. United States: FY 2023 Diversity Visa Lottery Registration has began. We wish you good luck as you apply. Stay safe from COVID.